My Music (Music by Jun Yoshino)

I made some song using Ableton LIVE4 or LOGIC. All song did not finish yet. I will try to change following songs.

With Jazz From Me To You

five2.mp3 (2004.9.7)

Boy -Eien no Syounen

boy4.mp3 (2004.4.4)

I can not control.

tec2.mp3 (2004.8.1)


latin.mp3 (2004.7.17)

Under the S.

sp.mp3 (2004.7.19)

Taiyo to Seiretsu

eth.mp3 (2004.7.18)

Under the Sky with you.

feeling2.mp3 (2004.3.4)

St. S

instut.mp3 (2004.2.29)


orks.mp3 (2003.10.19)

Sky in the Sky

sky.mp3 (2003.10.19)


mozart.mp3 (2003.6.6)

Some other Songs

minor.mp3 (2003.6.6)

sawsong.mp3 (2003.6.6)

loop.mp3 (2003.5.12)

newtechno.mp3 (2004.7.23)

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